Photography of Roy Thoman

Photos on the web assignment part 1

Photo Sharing Site Review



1. Name of Site: SmugMug


  • Appearance of Site: The site is very colorful and professional looking. Lots of professional looking photos on the home page. They have lots of good info about the website right on the home page easy to find. It’s uncluttered and easy to navigate. Everything you want to know about their site is right there on the homepage.


  • Uses tags, sets or groups: I’m not sure what you mean by tags, sets or groups. When you browse photos there are several ways to search. You may search by Current Popular photos, location, keywords, categories, or popular photo communities. Clicking on one of these will take you to a page where you may pick from popular photos or galleries. From there you can go to the photographers SmugMug page. Also you ma search for photographers using a search engine.



  • Type of upload methods
    • Web-yes
    • Email-yes
    • mobile phone-yes


  • Products:
    • Prints
    • Cards
    • Photo-books
    • Slideshow
    • Other: I don’t think that there is anything that you can’t make from you photos. They do it all.

      Pros: Very organized and easy to use. You can customize your page to look very professional. It is a very safe site to use. They have many privacy and safety options. This site is used by lots of professionals. You don’t see personal photos birthday parties etc. If you want to see or show birthday parties use Flicker. Customers can easily purchase your photos right from your page. They do all of the work, printing, shipping, billing or pretty much anything that needs done. You can upload unlimited photos. You can use it like an external hard drive. Upload full resolution photos. You don’t need to worry about your photos getting lost, they back them up. With a business account you can set your own prices. Uses right click protection. You may use your own custom host-name. They have a free trial. No ads or spam. Customer service to help you.   


      Cons: Cost is $40 – $300 per year. Upload unlimited JPG’s for free but larger files such as RAW files have a small fee.


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