Photography of Roy Thoman

Photos on the web assignment part 2

Part Two

Photography Portfolio

Visit one photography portfolio link that has been added to our class Wiki and answer the following. Add this as an entry to your Blog:

  1. Web Site Address:


  1. Type of photographic portfolio (Fine Art, Commercial, Portraiture, Sports, Wedding, Etc.): This is a Fine Art Portrait site.


  1. 5 characteristics of the portfolio you find appealing – Why?

1. Mostly I like the lighting Eric uses most of the time. He uses a very soft natural lighting. I think he does  use a lot of natural light.

2. I like that Eric’s subjects look like they are just doing what they would do naturally. They don’t look posed. I’m sure that they are, but then instructed to act natural. He catches

the look and moment that he wants.

3. Eric uses several different effects on some of his images. Some of them look like they were taken in the 60’s or 70’s. Some of them are distressed transfers. Some of them are black

and white. He uses a variety of processes.

4. I like the thumbnail view of photos. This way you can pick and choose the photos that you want to look at, rather than looking through his entire collection. Although,

you will want to look through his entire collection.

5. The overall feel of Eric’s work is FUN! People having fun.

  1. 2 improvements the designer could make to his/her portfolio or website.

1. For a few of his portraits he uses a diptych format. Two photos of the same person. There are a few of them that work really well, but there are a few that just don’t work.

2. Once you do click on an image to get a large view you are seemingly stuck in that format and need to look at all of the photos in that group. There is a way to get out of it, but it’s hard

to find and took a while for me to figure it out.

  1. How do you envision your final photography portfolio?                                                            I’m not sure I can answer this question yet. I have too many Ideas flying around in my head right now. I have started working on a few of them so I want to see how they pan out and narrow them down.


  1. What ideas do you have for making your portfolio stand above the rest?                                 I hope to try to find something that is visually appealing, something maybe not so ordinary, but yet not too way out there. I also want to try to use dramatic lighting to make the images stand out.

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