Photography of Roy Thoman

Beginning my portfolio

I need to zero in on the type of portfolio that I want to do. I’m pretty sure that I want to do some form of abstract photography for my portfolio, but what type of abstracts do I want to use? This is where I’m going to need some help. Over the past few weeks I have taken a few photos that I want to show you. I have done a sampling of several types of abstracts that I would like to use for my portfolio. So if you could take a look at them and let me know if you like one type over another, or any thoughts you have would be helpful.

The first type of abstract that I want to show you is one that I have been doing since back in the days of film. Remember film? I sort of do. Anyway, I grew up in York Pa. There is an annual hot rod show that I would attend every year. I would burn up several rolls of film on headlights, mirrors, doors and any part of the cars that I would find interesting. So I thought that I would maybe make a portfolio of car abstracts.


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