Photography of Roy Thoman

Subject Intent Assignment

Our assignment for this week is Subject Intent. We need to photograph one subject and use a different intent  to make each image.

Assignment: 4 photographs of one subject.

Showing:  1. Depictive Subject Intent. Records the visual nature of something (person, object, place or event)

2. Expressive Subject Intent. A visual metaphor or description of mood, an emotion, etc.

3. Statement – Oriented Intent. The actual subject of an image is a statement, usually through depictive means.

4. Form – Based Subject Intent. Formalism involves elements such as shape, color, texture, line, contrast, etc. Thing abstraction!





One response

  1. Angela

    Very nice! I’ve seen that bike leaning up against that building. I’ve never seen it the way you do tho!!


    September 24, 2012 at 7:15 pm

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