Photography of Roy Thoman

My portfolio taking shape

We all looked at the beginnings of our portfolios last night. It was interesting to see what ideas everybody has. A few people have a good solid idea, but others are struggling a bit. It’s pretty early yet so I’m sure ideas will start flowing soon. The week before in class, the general consensus of the class was that I should pursue my architectural abstract group of photos. So for this week we needed to bring in two new photos that we would like to add to our portfolio. I saw one photo that I have been wanting to take for my portfolio at the gym that we belong to. So the other day I took my camera over there and took a few photos. I also found another photo that I was happy with. So here are the two photos that I shared with the class last night. I’m also going add the one photo from my group of architectural abstracts that went along with the two photos that I showed the class last night. So now for next week I will be on the hunt for two more photographs like these 3.

One response

  1. Angela

    Hmmm gym abstracts. We should go inside 🙂


    September 27, 2012 at 3:46 pm

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