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The hunt for new photographs continues.

In one of my first posts “Beginning my portfolio” in the architectural abstract group there is an image of a pink south-western style building that I really liked. It was not fitting into my portfolio because of the really blue sky in the top left corner of the image. I have been wanting to re-shoot that building and try to get the sky out of the image. So I headed back to downtown Titusville Fl. to give it another try. I found a few more good images while I was there. Most of them are not going to fit into my portfolio, but I wanted to show them to you anyway. I hope that one of them is going to fit into my portfolio.



This weeks changes in my portfolio

We discussed the photos that I shot at the Cocoa Beach Suntrust in class this week. We took one out and added one of the Cocoa Beach photos to the line up. I have also added one that I still think may work. So here is how the portfolio is shaping up so far. I need to end up with 10 photos that work well together.

This weeks portfolio potential additions

The search for additions to my portfolio continues. I had an errand that took me to the Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach area, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to find some good abstracts to add to my portfolio. I started my search in Cape Canaveral, I was hopeful that some of the hotels or shopping areas would have some great architecture that would work for my portfolio. I have found that the height of the afternoon, although not so great for other types of photography, is a time of day that produces the colors and shadows that I am looking for. This is the time of day when I started my search. The one thing I need is a cloudless sky to give me the great sharp shadows that I am looking for. This was not such a day, The sky is covered with huge slow moving grayish clouds. I am driving and driving, but not seeing anything. I think mostly due to the flat light created by the clouds. I have found from past experience that you can’t give up too soon. Just when you think that you will never find what you’re looking for an opportunity presents itself. This is what happened on this quest. I was driving and looking and driving and looking, just about to give up for the day without a click of the shutter, when I saw my subject. I had made my way all the way through Cape Canaveral and I had almost gone all the way through Cocoa Beach when I saw this really great professional type office space attached to a Suntrust bank.  Not only that, as I pulled into the parking lot to check the place out, the clouds thinned and the light got way better, still not optimum, but useable. Wow this is great! So here are the images that I created on my trip to Cocoa Beach.

Portfolio additions?

We all showed our work for this week. Several other students had some really fantastic images! I was jealous. Anyway they were very good. Two of the images that I shot in Melbourne Fl. may work for my portfolio. I really liked some of my other images but, my portfolio is more of a lines and angles type of abstract and these were curvy and rounded, so they although are good images, they don’t fit my portfolio. I knew ahead of time that that would be the case, so it wasn’t a huge shock that they didn’t fit. So after this weeks class here is how my portfolio is starting to look. I’m sure there will be additions and deletions along the way.

On the hunt for new photographs

I needed to go to Melbourne Fl. the other day, so I took the opportunity to hunt for some cool architectural abstracts to add to my portfolio. I found several that I like a lot. I’m not sure if they will be right for my portfolio though. I will need to get the opinion of the class. I was not there at quite the right time of day. I didn’t have the light and shadows that I have been looking for. The sun kept going behind a cloud. I need a cloudless sky to get the crisp dark shadows that I’m looking for. So here are the photos that I created on my trip to Melbourne. What do you think?