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Foggy Morning

I woke up today to a beautiful foggy morning, so I thought I would get out and about and see if I could find something interesting to photograph. It was fun working on my portfolio for my class, but I was getting a bit burned out on the architectural photos. It was nice to get back to photographing the things I see, no matter what they may be. I think I found some interesting images this morning.

Some things I found to photograph.

My wife Robbie, attended a conference in Tampa Fl. this weekend. While she was at the conference, I took my camera for a walk and found a few things to photograph.

The Final 10!

Over the past few months I have been taking a portfolio class at the local college. As part of this class I have created this blog to document the progression of my portfolio. The objective of the class was to produce a body of work representing our field of interest. In the beginning I knew that I wanted to do some sort of fine-art, abstract. If you refer to some of my earlier posts, I presented several types of abstract images to the class for discussion. One of the cool things about this class was looking at the work the other students were producing. Most of the other students were as clueless as I was as to what direction to go with our portfolios. It was a huge help to present our work in class and get the opinions of the other students on what direction we should each go, pointing out our strengths and weaknesses. So with the help of the class I decided to use the architectural abstracts as my portfolio subject. So now that we have settled on a subject for our portfolios we need to produce a body of work consisting of 10 images that flow together. The images needed to have lines, color and design that worked well together, even the order in which the images are placed needed to flow. Once again relying on help from the rest of the class each week we presented our work to be critiqued, deciding what images worked and what images didn’t work. The journey was a long and hard one, evaluating what images would make the final 10, I took hundreds of photos along the way, sharing some of the better ones here.  It was lots of fun not only working on my portfolio but also helping the other students with their portfolios as well. I can’t help thinking that somewhere out there is an image that I have missed, I will never look at a building the same way again. This has been a great class! So after hours and hours of creating images, many long discussions, adding, subtracting, shuffling and tweaking I present, The Final 10!