Photography of Roy Thoman

BCC Portfolio Class

The Birding Festival Exhibits

After spending the morning photographing the Turkey Creek Tract field trip, I headed back to the festival. The festival was held at the Titusville Fl. Campus of Brevard Community College. This was the nerve center for all festival activity. I spent each afternoon photographing festival activities around the campus.

The festival hosted many classroom presentations. They covered a wide range of subjects including birding, bird species, bats, butterflies, conservation, reptiles, optics, photography, and travel.

The exhibit area was set up in the large gymnasium on campus and spilled out into the hall way areas. This is where attendees register and pick up their festival badges, where the silent auction was held, and where the evening socials were held.  This is also the meeting and departure place for many of the field trips.  There are a wide range of vendors that set up their booths in the exhibit area. If you’ve never been to the festival, and want to get a taste of it, and live nearby, this is the place to start! You don’t have to be registered or signed up for anything to stop in and take a look. You may find a location for your next travel or find a craft to take home. You may even start birding!

The Raptor Project puts on several raptor shows each day. There is limited seating on the stage for the show, so you need to arrive early and get a $5.00 ticket for the show at the festival registration desk. Between shows you can go onstage and look at the birds and take some photos.

Autumn in Florida, it does exist.

Back in October I was looking at a few of my favorite blogs and most of them had posted spectacular Autumn photos. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania, the Autumn colors were spectacular! It was one of my favorite times of the year, not only for great photography, I just liked the Autumn. I have been living in Florida for 9 years now, so one of the things I have been missing was Autumn. So when I was looking at all of the beautiful Autumn images on the other blogs, I started thinking about Autumn and being in Florida. I have found if you know where and when to look, you will find little hints of Autumn here and there. You will not see the beautiful grandiose, colorful landscapes that you find in the north, but just little splashes of color scattered here and there. If you go looking for Autumn in Florida in October, you’re not going to find it. This year it started a bit early, we had an early cold snap and I think that may have triggered an earlier than normal Autumn. It seemed to get going in mid to late November. I have noticed in past years that it has been getting started in late November to early December and peaking around Christmas. I think because it starts so late and is not the bold statement that occurs in the north, most people overlook it. Also it gets spread out over a longer period of time. I took these photos just in the last week. So if you find yourself in Florida for Christmas, don’t think winter, think Autumn.



My New Web Site!

I have started a website with Fine Art America. I have only added a few photos at this point just to see how things go, I hope to be adding more soon. So I hope you will stop by and check it out!

Thanks, Roy

The Final 10!

Over the past few months I have been taking a portfolio class at the local college. As part of this class I have created this blog to document the progression of my portfolio. The objective of the class was to produce a body of work representing our field of interest. In the beginning I knew that I wanted to do some sort of fine-art, abstract. If you refer to some of my earlier posts, I presented several types of abstract images to the class for discussion. One of the cool things about this class was looking at the work the other students were producing. Most of the other students were as clueless as I was as to what direction to go with our portfolios. It was a huge help to present our work in class and get the opinions of the other students on what direction we should each go, pointing out our strengths and weaknesses. So with the help of the class I decided to use the architectural abstracts as my portfolio subject. So now that we have settled on a subject for our portfolios we need to produce a body of work consisting of 10 images that flow together. The images needed to have lines, color and design that worked well together, even the order in which the images are placed needed to flow. Once again relying on help from the rest of the class each week we presented our work to be critiqued, deciding what images worked and what images didn’t work. The journey was a long and hard one, evaluating what images would make the final 10, I took hundreds of photos along the way, sharing some of the better ones here.  It was lots of fun not only working on my portfolio but also helping the other students with their portfolios as well. I can’t help thinking that somewhere out there is an image that I have missed, I will never look at a building the same way again. This has been a great class! So after hours and hours of creating images, many long discussions, adding, subtracting, shuffling and tweaking I present, The Final 10!

My Artist Statement

                                 My Departure From Reality

                            A Photographic Journey by Roy Thoman

studio self portrait_110112_roythoman

I started working on my photography certificate at BCC 2 years ago. It’s been a long but rewarding journey. I have learned lots of new things and met a lot of great people along the way. I saved the portfolio class for last, because I have seen some of the amazing work that students have produced in this class, so I was a bit intimidated. My first challenge was to come up with a creative idea for something to photograph. I have always been drawn to abstracts; their use of color, texture, shape and lines has always interested me. To me a photograph is a moment in time. I enjoy capturing that moment in time that maybe nobody else but me has seen or at least maybe didn’t see it the way that I saw it. Looking at the photographs of Edward and Brett Weston, I liked their use of light to show the form of the object they were photographing. I was reading that an abstraction indicates a departure from reality. Pablo Picasso said “You must always start with something. Afterward you can remove all traces of reality.” And so I have started on my journey, my departure from reality. I have always found architecture to be a very interesting subject. Although I have not worked with architecture as a subject in the past, I thought I would give it a go. Architects work very hard to come up with ways to be creative with their designs; sometimes those little creative bits are not so obvious. I have found over the years that light is probably the most important components in creating a good image. When you learn about photography one of the first things you learn or that everyone tells you is that to get the best light for an image you need to use morning or evening light. Between 11am and 3pm you better just go take a nap, because you’re not going to get anything worthwhile. When I started taking photos for this portfolio I soon found out that to get the light and the shadows falling on my subjects the way I wanted them to I was going to need to do my photography between 11am and 3pm. So not only do I need to open my mind creatively I need to open my mind technically as well. The architects have provided me with the structure of the building; it’s up to me to use light creatively to capture my moment in time. Light falling on different parts of the structure creates shadows, light areas and dark areas. These shadows, light areas and dark areas create lines and shapes that only exist at that moment in time. Most of my images ended up being monotone in nature; it is the shadows, light areas and dark areas that have given the image different color tones. Now that I have discovered that moment in time, I need to depart from reality. Taking those shadows, light areas and dark areas I used camera angle and perspective to isolate those areas sometimes creating even more shapes lines and angles, departing from the reality of what was there to begin with. It would be very hard to recreate any of these images again. The moment in time has passed. The light would be different; I would not stand at exactly the same spot, changing my perspective enough that the image would just not be the same. That’s not saying it would not be a good image it would just be a different moment in time, a different departure from reality.  I have enjoyed my journey, my departure from reality, it’s been lots of fun and I have learned a lot about myself and my photography. I’m really sorry to see this journey come to an end, it’s been a great two years! But as one journey ends, another journey begins.

BCC Melbourne Campus

I took a trip down to the Brevard Community Collage Campus in Melbourne Fl. the other day. I was able to find several very nice abstracts. I think I may be able to add some of them to my portfolio, I hope anyway. I have been able to find lots of great abstracts, but the type of angular, softer ones that are making it into my portfolio are very hard to find. I have looked at, if not photographed every building between Melbourne and Titusville Florida. I’m running out of buildings. I’m thinking about trying to head north towards Daytona to see what I can find up that way. So anyway here is what I was able to find at the BCC Melbourne Campus. Oh, I need to come up with a name for my portfolio so if anybody has any ideas for a name let me know.


I’m still looking for the new photos

I was in downtown Melbourne Fl. again and found some really cool images. Downtown Melbourne is a great place for photography. Although I got some striking images none of them are going to fit into my portfolio. I’m going to need to get together another portfolio of my favorite images that didn’t make it into my portfolio.